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You are not alone and neither are we. REALCUBE works together with renowned partners on the implementation of projects, according to your requirements. From data acquisition, to consultation on the structure of customer portfolios, and on to preparation of the sale in technical due diligence. We will be happy to talk to you about your specific needs.

BergsTopp offers a unique service portfolio: Next to retail and location advice, our team offers legal & financial services which allows for a one-stop offer, providing tailor made solutions and efficient strategies to our customers. Find out how we can support your business, too!


makandra GmbH is a growing young software company based in Augsburg, Germany. For our clients, we design, create and operate customized, high-performance web applications based on Ruby on Rails.


With RE TIMES, REALCUBE recommends an information portal for REAL ESTATE. CONSTRUCTION. TECHNOLOGY AND PROCESSES. Consideration of the property life cycle plays a leading role. Read more here!


Sigma-42 supports you in the cyclic process of value-based corporate management. Our product BI-P builds on the ERP-Data of your company and is implemented in a SAP Data Warehouse. BI-P is a static solution for planning, evaluation and controlling of investment projects and portfolio property.


TÜV SÜD bietet seinen Kunden die komplette Erfassung der technischer Gebäudeausrüstung (TGA) wie z.B. von Aufzügen, Brandschutz- oder Klimaanlagen nebst allen gesetzlichen Prüf- und Betreiberpflichten an. Mit aussagefähigen Berichten werden so mögliche Defizite transparent und fachliche- wie wirtschaftliche Optimierungspotentiale aufgezeigt. Gebäuden in technisch einwandfreiem Zustand wird der TÜV SÜD Objektbrief TGA mit Zeitstempel erteilt.

Darauf aufbauend hinaus profitieren TÜV SÜD Kunden von kontinuierlichen Leistungen wie z.B. für Lift-Betriebsmanagement, die Optimierung von Wartungspotentialen oder dem kompletten TGA Management.