Have a closer look at the final energy demand of the individual properties and classification of how the properties relate to the average of the portfolio. This graph gives an overall impression of how the portfolio develops and where action is required.

This graph shows the primary energy demand of the individual objects and classification of how the objects relate to the average of the portfolio. It provides a detailed impression of how the overall portfolio develops and where there is a need for action, for example, also in relation to the energy source.

Heere you can look at the final average energy demand of the portfolio broken down by the degree of refurbishment of the properties and compared to the average.

As an example, through this dashboard the average rents per square metre in the individual types of use are displayed for the users.

This graph shows the number of units that are currently vacant divided by the types of use. 

Here you can see the loss of rent broken down by type of use resulting from the vacancy. The figures are extrapolations based on the average NKM of the categories in the portfolio. It enables the user to identify very quickly where action is required.

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