Our history

We are taking a fully new approach in the world of real estate and facility management software: It’s API-first.

But first, a little about us: The Realcube founders bring decades of experience both in planning and managing real estate as well as the digitalization of the industry. Our history starts in the 90s with object-based CAD and intelligent agents, known today as BIM and artificial intelligence. By 2000 we founded conject AG, a platform for plan and build projects, whose user base grew to thousands of customers. After establishing conject AG as a global leader, we sold conject AG to Aconex and later Oracle in 2016/17.

Seeing the momentum pick up, we began a new chapter to further the real estate world in its digitalization efforts. In 2017, we founded Realcube as the first API-driven platform for real estate management. Its technology is a crucial element for a successful and future-proof digitalization effort. Realcube delivers a gradle-to-grave concept for master data related to real estate and facility management. The data structure is based on BIM standards, DIN and ISO-standards, and the platform’s open interfaces follow the principle of “API-first”.

These aspects ensure that users can easily benefit from the latest and best PropTechs without time-consuming, costly integration projects that require stakeholder buy-in and long procurement cycles. It’s easy to “turn on” a new application and immediately reap the benefits in your business.

Together with our software partners, we offer a marketplace of software apps. We are continually adding new partners, whose offerings you can evaluate and start using without the traditional hurdles typical in the world of enterprise software.


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