The Realcube Browser

Dashboards in real time, from the specialist to the board of directors

All data integrated – transparent, structured and easily available, with drill-down to operational details

Master data, complete and available

Load property data, buildings and units with their attributes through collective imports and continue to maintain them there

Structure at the touch of a button

… and you’re done! Navigate through your real estate portfolio and filter to your heart’s content

Document organization

Complete object documentation increases the value of each transaction

Linking contracts with assets

Rental, lease and maintenance contracts can be easily linked to building data and managed in one place

Knowing what’s going on under the hood

Technical service providers maintain all relevant equipment and asset data app-based

Everything in one place

Access data from connected partner apps via the Realcube browser

One database

Internal teams and departments and external contractors and service providers use basic data from Realcube in their own applications and send results back


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