Are you a real estate owner or property manager?

Start your journey towards digitalized real estate management.

REALCUBE provides you with the necessary foundation – and more!

Imagine one central repository containing your portfolio, building, and rental data. Explore your data in reports or in a building Exposé that features your most important data, images, and plans, all accessible with the click of the mouse.

Gain insight into revenue opportunities and from your rental properties and focus your attention on vacancies and your most important tenant rental and own lease agreements. When it comes to maintenance and operations, understand costs and status of your building equipment and your obligatory inspection and maintenance tasks that are legally binding.

Sounds impossible? Do you struggle with business partners and different processes? Is your data stored here and there? Are you worried about the costs of making this all happen?

If the idea of innovative real estate and facility management excites you, please get in touch with us at REALCUBE!

We love innovation and are excited by the wildly growing number of PropTech offerings available today in the market. With the right combination, you can achieve digitalized, efficient, and new business processes and increase your profitability.

We developed the REALCUBE platform with an API -first approach so that you have a solid foundation to manage your properties and easily connect exciting and new offerings from our Appstore.

With the REALCUBE Appstore, you can quickly find apps that meet your business needs and set you apart, without lengthy review processes and expensive integration projects. Take a look at our extensive app partner ecosystem and profit from apps that work with a click of the button! 

Our Promise to you: REALCUBE –  the Platform that loves Apps

Powerful Platform

Your Cockpit

Manage your investments at a portfolio level down to properties, buildings, apartments, and building assets and equipment.

Portfolio Data Management

Tired of shoe boxes filled with old documents and excel file after excel file clogging up your hard drive?

Get a hold of your data with a well-planned data structure. Achieve transparency through the digitalization of your data and documents and build a solid foundation to achieve digital real estate management.

Your Building Equipment

Without technical equipment, you can’t operate your buildings. Setup your building assets and equipment, and let your maintenance service providers do the rest. Keep tabs on  the health of your assets and stay abreast of the latest maintenance and inspection efforts.

Innovative Marketing and Rental Management

Start a new era with integrated contract management. You benefit from a comprehensive overview of your rental units, vacancies, calculated potential earnings and present income, broken down by rent and operating costs. You can extend the core capabilities with partner applications that take care of publishing your vacancies in rental portals without hassle. Or consider a market analysis of your properties with market-ready data updated directly in your reports via partner applications.

Realtime visibility into your portfolio

With REALCUBE reporting, you can easily analyze all of your data and structure your reports as you need them. In Realtime! Every additional app that you turn on increases the value of REALCUBE for you. The data is synchronized to REALCUBE and accessible in stunning visualizations and practical reports.

Add Partner Apps for More Capabilities

Now the fun can really begin! Take a look at our Appstore, offering a growing palette of offerings. You will find innovative partners such as a highly specialized elevator management company to full Facility Service Providers (FSP) to ones providing automated metering and tenant and rental management.

If you don’t see what you are looking for, let us know. Our store is growing quickly as the PropTech boom continues.