Frequently asked questions

Realcube’s solution is aimed at the management level of real estate owners and operators. The cloud platform brings together data from different applications and systems used by real estate companies and their service providers, thus laying the foundation for smart and flexible digitalization in Real Estate Management. This benefits all areas and departments along the lifecycle of existing properties: Development & Transactions, Asset Management, Rental Management & Marketing, Facility Management.
Realcube brings measurable benefits on two levels:

Operational: In Reporting, up to 90% of repetitive efforts are eliminated. In the areas of Facility Management and Rental Management & Marketing, Realcube increases productivity by about 50% each, and in the area of Development and Transactions by 60% (the complete property file with transaction data is available at any time). We validate productivity increases together with customers, partners (internal cases) and currently also in cooperation with e.g. Roland Berger.

Strategic: With Realcube, Real Estate companies can ensure legal compliance, improve tenant experience and actually realize ESG-compliant management. They exploit the full potential of digitalization. As a result, they increase ROI and shareholder value.

The operational benefits are based on the elimination of manual efforts such as CSV imports and exports, down- and uploads of documents, consolidations based on Excel, etc. With Realcube, all data of a portfolio flows seamlessly and in real time. Data silos are dissolved, reports and dashboards are available at the push of a button.

Strategic benefits are based on the fact that with Realcube, owners and operators use the complete database of their properties for the first time. The new transparency and AI-supported correlations allow real-time decisions and predictions of future developments.

The initial size of a customer portfolio is currently around 30 properties or around 500 rental units. Both the “green field” approach (few IT solutions in use) and the “brown field” approach (numerous IT solutions in use) are possible. Realcube has experience with both scenarios. Realcube can also be deployed with a segment specific focus, e.g. the digitalization of Technical Asset Management.
Realcube calculates a monthly rental price for the platform based on the number of rental units managed via the platform. The rental unit is based on the square footage and asset class (residential or commercial).

To get started, an implementation project is defined for each customer. Depending on individual needs, costs for data structuring and harmonization, import and, if necessary, data procurement projects (often organized via external service providers) flow here. So far, we have implemented projects in a range of 5,000 and 75,000 Euros.

Since the go-to-market in 2019, Realcube was able to win well-known customers such as Schönes Leben Group, bonainvest, Münchenstift or Orsay. More than 14 well-known PropTech applications and service providers such as 21st Real Estate, Beestate, EverReal, Simplifa, the STRABAG pfs and in Switzerland the W&W product R5 have already been connected via the API and are thus available to all customers. Today, a total of >1000 buildings, 45,000 units and 80,000 technical facilities are managed via the Realcube platform. We are in promising talks with numerous other real estate companies.
Realcube was founded in 2018 by a team of entrepreneurs, digital and Real Estate experts. The founders have more than 25 years of experience in digitalization and Real Estate, including 15 years building a SaaS platform for the Real Estate industry (conject AG, sold to Aconex, later to Oracle). The team has unmatched insights into the digitalization of the Real Estate industry across all lifecycle phases from planning and construction to operation.