Realcube offers more security, control and velocity for the real estate industry with the new product release of its cloud platform – Efficient and effective real estate management especially in difficult economic times- We introduce our product’s new features: a bigger data marketplace as well as detailed scorecards with extended functions.

With its new release, Realcube is all set to revolutionise real estate management, particularly investment management. Our new and powerful feature of scorecard powered by the data market is a great addition to the analytical tools of our customers. 

Here is how:

Realcube’s platform is built on top of data that owners and their service providers collect and structure to fuel their processes, drive insights and make the right decisions through well-founded and clear dashboards. We are connecting additional data sources now fostering even more data-driven KPIs and data-supported decision-making.


Scorecards offer great support when it comes to setting up data-driven KPIs. In the market today, there is a massive need for data-enabled scorecards which means that the people want information about their properties, preferably in real-time to optimise their power of decision-making; which is exactly what our new features offer. 

The scorecards will help our customers in making the best use of their data by reducing the challenges in performance tracking, transparency, fulfilling the ESG criteria, overall asset management and investment management.

Data Market

Data Market’s predominant use is supplying data to scorecards and their functionalities.

With the new “Data Market” function, Realcube integrates multiple data partners on a pay-per-use basis and offers users a large catalogue of data to choose from, as well as completely new data structures. Access to the valuable offers of external data partners is as convenient as it is protected. 

Whereas property, portfolio and asset managers have had to largely value their properties themselves up to now, they now have the possibility of a real analysis for the first time via direct access to external data. This allows them to determine where they really stand.

Connecting data partners

The data market will provide access to data from many external partners. Realcube will create internal universal data structures and abstract functionalities to connect clearly and simply to data partners and their offerings.

How do the Scorecards work?

With scorecards, we enrich the portfolio of analytical functions in the Realcube platform starting with an MVP (Minimal Viable Product) that implements weighted, topic-oriented scorecards in connection with the all-new data market implementation.

We will give scorecards a head start by implementing simple hierarchical weighted scorecards. The hierarchy that we are considering here is a tuple of s user defined segments (e.g., location data, economic environment, etc.), where each segment consists of user defined topics, which themselves consist of user defined subtopics.

The number of topics and subtopics can vary per segment and topic. Each topic and subtopic will have an individual weight factor assigned by the user.


Conclusion: Unimagined new possibilities are offered by our new weighted, theme-based scorecards. They are the key to quickly assessing investments and deriving data-driven decisions – especially vital in economically turbulent times like these.

“Each scorecard maps one or more KPIs, providing focused, transparent, secure yet simple digital property management. The set of possible scorecards is thereby arbitrarily large” Realcube COO Philipp Kraft.

The new data marketplace of the Realcube platform is primarily used to provide the expanded individual and company scorecards with the most important data. Thanks to the new features, a partner’s data does not have to be mirrored as a whole onto the cloud platform in the process.

“This results in many advantages for users in terms of usability, availability and speed as well as security in the analysis of a real estate portfolio,” Realcube CEO Dr. Uwe Forgber.

If you are interested to learn more about the scorecard feature, you can book a demo with us now! Or simply send us an email: info@realcube.com