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Together with our partners, we offer a marketplace for innovative software applications based on the Realcube cloud platform. In doing so, we eliminate costs for customary interface projects and deliver result data in a uniform environment! With our partner program we offer our customers access to an unparalleled pool of innovation. Our partners, in turn benefit from access to an amazing set of customer and users on the Realcube platform and marketing such as online events.

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Data for ecological analysis of real estate

Together with nine industry representatives, Realcube is developing a data standard for the ecological analysis of real estate as part of DIN SPEC. With the DIN SPEC ESG, the consortium is closing a crucial gap in the market: there is already a large amount of data on specific aspects of the ecology of buildings. Due to the lack of a data standard, however, these cannot be evaluated in aggregated form. However, the ability to collect data in real time and evaluate it across systems is key to putting ESG into practice. If you want to know more about the DIN SPEC, please contact us:


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