Our story

Realcube’s journey commenced in 2017 when our founder, Dr. Uwe Forgber, united with industry pioneers to create an innovative API-first platform for comprehensive real estate management. Our vision revolves around dismantling data silos, improving master data management, and utilizing advanced Business Intelligence (BI) to drive digital transformation in the real estate industry.

Determined to realize our vision, we have successfully integrated applications and products from our trusted partners, offering a one-stop-shop for all data management needs. We are also collaborating on developing a standardized data model to measure the “E” in ESG, focusing on the ecological quality of buildings through a project called DIN SPEC.

Realcube continues to innovate and evolve, staying at the forefront of the real estate industry. Our commitment to sustainability and digital transformation positions us as a leader in providing ESG-focused solutions for asset and property managers. We are constantly developing new features and tools to help our customers make data-driven decisions, optimize their operations, and ensure compliance with ESG standards.

Join the growing community of real estate professionals who trust Realcube for their digital and ESG needs. Discover the difference our platform can make for your business and the environment. Embrace the future of sustainable real estate management with Realcube today.


Dr. Uwe Forgber

Founder & CEO

Iurii Efimov


Jürg Ackermann

Head of Sales

Peter Becker

Business Partner Manager

Ilya Myazin

Business Partner Manager

Timo Masannek

Sales Manager

Jon Ole Rades

Sales Manager

Mathias Rinka

PR Manager

Shah Bano Kamran

Marketing Operations Manager

Vrusti Kiri

Product Manager

Hannah Messerer

Business Intelligence Analyst

Finn Duetz

Working Student

Marie Helshani

Working Student

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