>> 14. Juli 2022

ESG and Cloud Solutions



Owning, understanding and correctly interpreting real estate data is a necessity, not just a matter of the”Green Deal” or sustainability certificates. Today’s portfolio manager and real estate owners must consider more factors than ever before. But, investing in a green real estate world must also be well thought out. There are a variety of smart apps, PropTechs and digital solutions which are offering applications as transparent as possible and data as up-to-date as needed.

This is what Realtalks host and moderator Dr. Marcus Disselkamp talks about with Sarah Maria Schlesinger of blackprint in the episode titled “How Data Transparency and Consistency Contribute to Achieving Sustainability Goals.” 

Cloud Solutions

There is an on-going competition among Increasingly smart and vertical solutions when it comes to the topic of active and agile management. They all have their own raison d’être, but the real added value can only be seen between the important links. For the right visibility, it turns out that a common ecosystem combines efficiency and transparency with sustainability requirements and individualised solution approaches. In this context, definitions of global / international standards are of primary importance to better manage real estate as a commodity.

This is what Realtalks host and moderator Dr. Marcus Disselkamp talks with Verena Rock from TH Aschaffenburg in the episode titled “Why many different apps mean the new era of real estate management”.