>> The SaaS-Platform

The Realcube All-In-One SaaS-Platform

The Realcube All-In-One-Platfrom offers a cockpit with all data at a glance.
Data-driven, cloud-based, plug-and-play simple.

As a comprehensive and independent business intelligence solution, the Realcube SaaS platform - also in combination with API-as-a-Service - can combine and directly analyze all real estate management data.

We end heterogen data silos using our plug & play solution to integrate all data in a homogen end-to-end data lake providing a comprehensive, unified single source of truth.

The Realcube Ecosystem, the unique marketplace guides customers through the PropTech and technology jungle, identifying and always delivering the matching solution and best in class provider. The selected PropTech and technology champions are end-to-end integrated, quality tested and deliver auditability. As an extra bonus a simplified sales and ordering process is guaranteed.

Task Management, process automation and holistic data transparency will relieve staff hours spent on simple tasks, searching for data and aggregating reports . Time spent on consolidating excel sheets, the number one-time waste in the industry (e.g., rent roll reports from various different property managers) can be reduced to zero.

>> The Realcube SaaS-Platform


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>> ESG

Realcube is the ideal platform for ESG-optimized real estate management

Data is the key to successful ESG management.

All ESG-relevant data is collected and directly analyzed on the Realcube platform: To increase performance while taking sustainability requirements into account.

Realcube is also the initiator of DIN SPEC ESG, a common data language for the ecological analysis of buildings. The first step towards an overall industry standard.

Managing to green and gaining taxonomy compliance was never easier than with the individual Realcube reports and dashboards for energy, water and waste consumption. The dashboards offer recommendations for action ROI optimization. Special investor reports and the Realcube ESG report save time, money and secure asset value.

>> Digital Twins

Realcube provides "digital twins" of real estate.

Realcube end-to-end data lakes provide a comprehensive view of real estate performance.

Creating the digital twin we visualize and connect distributed data sources, empowering you to instantly extract actionable insights.

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