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Realcube was founded in 2017 by Dr. Uwe Forgber and launched as a state-of-the-art API-first platform. Since then, the clear mission has been to break down data silos and improve master data management with the help of the latest business intelligence (BI) and make it more efficient. Breaking down the data silos also means consolidating the data available in different systems and thus leading to a fundamental digital transformation.

Realcube brings all building-related data streams together in one place – the Realcube- translates, homogenizes and aggregates them using BI. The result is one cockpit for all data, existing software solutions and applications. The single source of truth instead of many isolated solutions. Realcube not only simplifies the AM, but also creates relevant scorecards and reports (rental potential, ESG, climate rating, etc.) and provides clearly defined recommendations for action („overdue / pending modification measures“ etc.) with a view to the CREMM curve including ROI quantification (e.g. „Stranding Asset“). Realcube is the initiator of DIN SPEC ESG.

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>> 7 November 2022

Maintain a firm control on your properties in these turbulent times with our new Scorecard feature

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>> 15 Juli 2022

Opinion oder KPI driven – Das kleine 1×1 der Plattformen

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>> 14 Juli 2022

ESG and Cloud Solutions

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>> 14 Juli 2022

Greenfield or Brownfield Real Estate Management Requires Digital Systems and Solutions

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>> 14 Juli 2022

Konsequenter Datenaustausch ermöglicht ESG-konformes Immobilien-management

Konsequenter Datenaustausch ermöglicht ESG-konformes Immobilienmanagement … 
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>> 4 April 2022

API and ESG- The Major Challenges for the Real Estate in the Year 2022

We are only three months into real estate year 2022 and the major trends in ... >> learn more

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